martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Opiniones sobre Mahoma y la libertad de expresión

Luego de la invitación a que debatieramos el tema de libertad de expresión vs libertad de culto, presento algunas ideas interesantes a la luz de una resolución emitida por la ONU al respecto:
- La ONU parece haber tomado una postura sobre nuestro último post.
- Alemania y Canadá, sin embargo, no están muy de acuerdo.
- Aaron Powell tampoco. Su último post se titula "Making fun of religion is not a rights violation"

La ONU dice:
"Defamation of religious is a serious affront to human dignity leading to a restriction on the freedom of their adherents and incitement to religious violence"

Alemania dice:
"The European Union does not see the concept of defamation of religion as a valid one in a human rights discourse," [...] "The European Union believes that a broader, more balanced and thoroughly rights-based text would be best suited to address the issues underlying this draft resolution."

Canadá dice:
"It is individuals who have rights, not religions," [...] "Canada believes that to extend (the notion of) defamation beyond its proper scope would jeopardize the fundamental right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of expression on religious subjects."

Aaron Powell dice:
It is up to the faithful to show why their views deserve tolerance and respect. From where I sit, it’s clear that religion should be tolerated where it does no harm, but that religious beliefs–like any other beliefs asserted without evidence–do not warrant prima facie respect. A religion that demands I cease pointing out this lack of evidence so as to protect its believers from feeling like fools is a religion that deserves anything but “tolerance and respect.”

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