jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

¿Qué tienen en común un libertario y un libertario?

Un tal Aaron Powell da una respuesta bastante interesante que pueden encontrar acá.

El resumen, son estos 7 argumentos en los que casi todos los libertarios coincidimos:
  1. Individuals have rights it is impermissible to violate.
  2. The state has grown too large, too powerful, intrudes on too many aspects of our lives, takes too much of our money, and violates many of those rights while doing all that it does.
  3. We would be freer, wealthier, and happier if the state were smaller (and probably much smaller) than it is now.
  4. The engine of wealth creation is not the state but individuals and voluntary groups engaging in free and open competition within a marketplace.
  5. Solutions to problems that rely on harnessing the power of such a marketplace will typically be more effective and efficient than solutions that rely on further intrusion by the state.
  6. The problem of knowledge identified by Friedrich A. Hayek in his essay “The Use of Knowledge in Society” (and later greatly expanded both by him and others) is very real and very problematic for anyone who would like to use coerced collective action (i.e., the state) to solve problems.
  7. “Crimes” that don’t infringe upon the rights of others are not crimes and should not be prohibited by the state. These include pornography, sodomy and homosexual sex, gun possession, drug use, etc.

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